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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sun Oct 16 08:44:51 GMT 2005

_____/ On Sun 16 Oct 2005 08:34:09 BST, [Roy Schestowitz] wrote : \_____

> _____/ On Sun 16 Oct 2005 08:11:09 BST, [Chris Pirillo] wrote : \_____
>>> UPDATE: I totally miscomprehended the idea of the project. Ignore
>>> comments above completely and consider removing the referrer bits
>>> at the bottom of the page to a separate (new) page. You don't need
>>> that indicator of status, which is deceiving.
>> I thought it was kinda neat to see, but point taken - gone (though the URL
>> still exists for the curious).
> ...still exists over here... and I flushed cache.
> Add a "what's it all about" link that's prominent. I have pointed 
> some mates to
> gada.be/about, which in the the rational entry point to unfamiliar faces.
>>> I think the intention of crafting such a plug-in is merely to serve
>>> as promotion for your site. What evidence is there to suggest that
>>> the product of such a plug-in will contribute to the users' experience?
>> ...no more than linking to Technorati does. Or any other tag vendor, for
>> that matter. I'm just trying to level the playing field - one link to link
>> 'em all, so to speak. Fool's errand, maybe - but I've gotta try.
> You can never get that to happen unless you become a monopoly and spit on the
> industry as well as morals. Don't let that fact evade you.
> Contextually a good fit:
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051016/ap_on_hi_te/india_google_terror
>>> Having said that, I am sure there are some enthusiastic folks who
>>> would use this as a jolly opportunity to hop aboard and implement
>>> a plug-in that integrates closely with your API's.
>> We don't really have an API, per se - just a simple form at this point. That
>> said, I'm hoping the developer will be attending the forthcoming TagCamp in
>> San Jose (wherein gada.be is a sponsor).
>>> Best of luck, Chris. It's a nice idea with great potential.
>> Thanks for the nod, Roy. We're getting additional servers this weekend, just
>> in case we get featured on Digg again (or, heaven forbid, Slashdot).
> I have just spread the word in UseNet with some good encouragement and
> comparison to the impact scale of del.icio.us.

I know this does not fit in this mailing list directly, but if gada.be 
was ever
to be considered as a WordPress plug-in, it's worth taking a moment aside for
assessment (or worse -- critique). As I continue to explore your service, I
find that some aspects of the results (other than major search engines) can be
filled with spam. Depending on the nature of use, this can become a real
deterrent because there is too much noise for results to be worthwhile.

Perhaps you are already fed some tagging spam (sometimes a side-effect of
content scraping) and must become more selective and possibly involve some
human moderation if not automate something. The services you feed on 
might have
to do likewise (or disposed of altogether until they sanitise their sources)
because you only serve as an 'RSS bridge' here.

By the way, there appears to be a bug as sometimes the navigation footer does
not show up.

Best Regards,


Aside: I wonder how gada.be is pronounced (/about doesn't say). It is almost a
homonym of the notorious Soviet secret services.

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