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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sun Oct 16 07:34:09 GMT 2005

_____/ On Sun 16 Oct 2005 08:11:09 BST, [Chris Pirillo] wrote : \_____

>> UPDATE: I totally miscomprehended the idea of the project. Ignore
>> comments above completely and consider removing the referrer bits
>> at the bottom of the page to a separate (new) page. You don't need
>> that indicator of status, which is deceiving.
> I thought it was kinda neat to see, but point taken - gone (though the URL
> still exists for the curious).

...still exists over here... and I flushed cache.

Add a "what's it all about" link that's prominent. I have pointed some 
mates to
gada.be/about, which in the the rational entry point to unfamiliar faces.

>> I think the intention of crafting such a plug-in is merely to serve
>> as promotion for your site. What evidence is there to suggest that
>> the product of such a plug-in will contribute to the users' experience?
> ...no more than linking to Technorati does. Or any other tag vendor, for
> that matter. I'm just trying to level the playing field - one link to link
> 'em all, so to speak. Fool's errand, maybe - but I've gotta try.

You can never get that to happen unless you become a monopoly and spit on the
industry as well as morals. Don't let that fact evade you.

Contextually a good fit:


>> Having said that, I am sure there are some enthusiastic folks who
>> would use this as a jolly opportunity to hop aboard and implement
>> a plug-in that integrates closely with your API's.
> We don't really have an API, per se - just a simple form at this point. That
> said, I'm hoping the developer will be attending the forthcoming TagCamp in
> San Jose (wherein gada.be is a sponsor).
>> Best of luck, Chris. It's a nice idea with great potential.
> Thanks for the nod, Roy. We're getting additional servers this weekend, just
> in case we get featured on Digg again (or, heaven forbid, Slashdot).

I have just spread the word in UseNet with some good encouragement and
comparison to the impact scale of del.icio.us.


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