[wp-hackers] Fw: webloog.com

Ron Guerin ron at vnetworx.net
Sat Oct 15 17:42:19 GMT 2005

Ric Johnson wrote:
> Contact me personally if you wish Scott's email

What part of "security issues with WordPress should be sent to
security at wordpress.org" did you not understand?  No need to send this
Scott fellow's mail, just send the security issues to the security list
and stop bothering people on this list with these vague and useless
assertions of problems.

> Also, the new user of http://www.webloog.com/  is Mathew Evens - you can 
> get his contact info at http://Bloog.Com
> He sure can use your help fixing this site. I do not know Matt Evens 
> personally, he is just an OpenDomain user.  Please do not punish him or 
> the WebBloog WordPress community because you decided to break your word.

You're not being punished, you're being difficult.

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>> "Scott - can you please post the holes you found publicly?"
> As Matt has said,  any security issues with WordPress should be sent to
> security at wordpress.org and not to the public lists (as stated at
> http://wordpress.org/about/contact/).

- Ron

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