[wp-hackers] Fw: webloog.com

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sun Oct 9 22:12:43 GMT 2005

Jefte Puente wrote:
> 1)  Can you let me know if his fears are founded?

I don't know, even though he managed to send the email so I got it 
several times he didn't manage to include any details that would 
actually indicate a problem, besides the fact that he wants attention.

> 2)  Is anyone on this list willing to accept support of this community 
> on their servers?

If it involves being part of the so-called "open domain" program, I 
would not recommend anyone do it.

> 3)  WordPress.Com is also an OpenDomain, but Matt still has not updated 
> the site with a link to OpenDomain.Org - can anyone on this list fit it 
> or contact Matt?

According to http://opendomain.org/terms/ "These terms are not legal 
qualifications. They are written in general language for better 
understanding, and are not meant to be legally binding." In any case, I 
did not agree to any terms as I never believed that he had ANY right to 
be squatting our name and holding it hostage.

Domain squatting on other people’s trademarks is illegal, no matter if 
you call it "free" or "open" it’s still morally odious.

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