[wp-hackers] Fw: webloog.com

Jefte Puente jp at jefte.net
Sun Oct 9 21:33:20 GMT 2005

Matt, how about some answers to his questions 1, 2 and 3?

1)  Can you let me know if his fears are founded?
2)  Is anyone on this list willing to accept support of this community on 
their servers?
3)  WordPress.Com is also an OpenDomain, but Matt still has not updated the 
site with a link to OpenDomain.Org - can anyone on this list fit it or 
contact Matt?

An answer like "Hosting weblogs should not be taken on casually, it is a big 
responsibility" is akin to saying "The sky is blue" when asked what time it 

I for one, know this is at least the 2nd time Ric has requested a link be 
inserted to opendomain.org.

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> Ric Johnson wrote:
>> I have a user of the OpenDomain program that has been using the domain 
>> http://Webloog.Com to support about 520 users on a WordPress MultiUser 
>> install on his server. He sent me an email that he can not have the WPMU 
>> up any more due to security concerns.
> Any security issues with any version of WordPress should be sent to 
> security at wordpress.org and not to the public lists, as stated here:
> http://wordpress.org/about/contact/
> Hosting weblogs should not be taken on casually, it is a big 
> responsibility.
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