[wp-hackers] Flexible Installation Process

Trevor Turk trevorturk at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 16:48:59 GMT 2005

--- Douglas Daulton <apakuni at gmail.com> wrote:

> This flexible installer would be useful for more
> than just il8n folks.  It
> would also prove extremely helpful for folks who
> maintain a wide variety of
> WP installs on different servers for different
> folks.
> So, if I want every site I create to have Spam
> Karma, WP-Contact and 4 other
> plugins installed, activated and configured a
> particular way, the
> create_defaults() function could go along way
> towards this goal.
> I was going to create a custom WP distro for myself
> that would address this
> need, but it makes much more sense to have the guts
> of the "roll your own"
> subsystem as part of the core.  Then, everyone can
> take advantage of the
> toolset.

Not to mention this would make it much much easier to
publish your own "plugged in" versions of Wordpress -
like Alex King does:


- Trevor

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