[wp-hackers] Flexible Installation Process

Douglas Daulton apakuni at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 16:19:55 GMT 2005

This flexible installer would be useful for more than just il8n folks.  It
would also prove extremely helpful for folks who maintain a wide variety of
WP installs on different servers for different folks.

So, if I want every site I create to have Spam Karma, WP-Contact and 4 other
plugins installed, activated and configured a particular way, the
create_defaults() function could go along way towards this goal.

I was going to create a custom WP distro for myself that would address this
need, but it makes much more sense to have the guts of the "roll your own"
subsystem as part of the core.  Then, everyone can take advantage of the


On 11/29/05 7:19 AM, "Ryan Boren" <ryan at boren.nu> wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-11-29 at 14:20 +0330, Ali Sattari wrote:
>> And also i18n hackers need to have more control on initial DB insertion
>> values. like Links , Describtions and more ... ;)
>> Mani Monajjemi wrote:
>>> Dear Friends,
>>> As an wordpress i18n hacker , I would like to suggest to add some
>>> flexibility to current installation proccess, something like what
>>> exists as action_hooks , but not that complex, I mean for some i18n
>>> porpuses it's vital to add some action_hooks in install proccess, I
>>> mean it would be great to include some"fixed name files" in install php.
>>> If the files exist in specefic folder (like
>>> wp-includes/languages/xx/install) they would be included!
>>> Imagine that for some i18n purposes it's vital to activate some
>>> plugins through the setup... It's better than a patch? isn't it?
> We can move the code that creates the first post, page, etc. to a
> create_defaults() function that can be replaced by a function of the
> same name loaded from wp-includes/languages/xx/install-functions.php.
> Ryan
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