[wp-hackers] Lost Password

John Joseph Bachir jjb at ibiblio.org
Tue Nov 15 21:17:36 GMT 2005

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, Podz wrote:

> This has probably been mentioned before, but it seems to be inelegant:
> Click Lost Password
> Get sent to a screen that has a login link
> Get reset email
> Click the link in that and get sent to a screen with another login link
> Get new password and a direct link to the login page.

one of my beta testers complained about this and suggested the following 

1) fill out lost password form
2) system emails you a special URL to visit
3) you visit the special URL
4) this web page has you type in a new desired password. As a bonus, it 
automatically logs in you too.


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