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Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Sun Nov 13 13:30:21 GMT 2005

Amit Gupta wrote:
> 3) Subscribe to Comments 2(Mark's)
> and I think that Subscribe 2 Comments should be enabled by default in
> a WordPress install as well, so that people can keep track of the
> comments on the topics they subscribe to(I think that this should be
> put in bbPress as well).

I disagree that this should be a default plugin.  Notification of
updates for posts and comments should really be occuring with RSS and
Atom feeds (whenever we get back Atom for comments, hint hint).  For
those people who categorically reject embracing the new technology, the
plugins exist (as do services like Bloglet (www.bloglet.com)).  Bundling
subscribe-to-comments (or my own subscribe2 plugin for new post
notifications) would be a step back from the utility of syndication.

I'd vote that Mark's recent "Redirect Old Slugs" plugin be bundled (or
added to the core), so that we can use the word "permalink" with a
little more accuracy.

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