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_____/ On Sun 13 Nov 2005 07:42:31 GMT, [Jeff Minard] wrote : \_____

> John Sinteur wrote:
>> If we're going to limit what we can do in browser functionality by  
>> what search engines can do, we're on the wrong track.
> That would make no sense, of course.

Yes, I too agree.

> But to get this back on subject. Having a good, centralized page that 
> can give a browsing user a much better archive exploration sense is 
> something that WP does sorely miss.

It  is  often  the *nature* of blog composition  (namely  linearity)  that
should  take  the blame. It would be nice to combine inferred  information
like tags, categories, context and so forth and convert 'some blog' into a
*topical* site.

How  many  of  us will ever enter a blog to explore it  in  its  entirety?
Either blogs get syndicated or the front page checked periodically[1]. Why
do  we  not follow the same path with so-called typical/proper Web  sites?
Because the user experience is entirely different.

[1] To be complete, there are also search engines referrals, which are im-
portant as they attract readerships and subscribers.

> There are general archive pages (a list of posts ordered by date -- 
> essentially the home page if you hit "previous posts" enough) but 
> they are not what they could be. The side bar is far to cumbersome to 
> be called sufficient.
> While a plugin would supplement this area, ultimately the core WP 
> should feature a more comprehensive and centralized page as an 
> archive jumping point like these serve to do.


>> If SEO is an issue, detect the search engines by their agent string  
>> and give them a non-ajax theme optimized for them. That way, user  
>> themes can freely use ajax and give a much better user experience.

If you could isolate Google, XML site maps would probably provide a better
answer.  Search engines loathe it when the user-agent string gets  sniffed
and  different content is delivered for optimisation purposes. It is often
perceived as cloaking and can lead to banishment.



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