[wp-hackers] 2-3 plugins

John Sinteur john at sinteur.com
Sun Nov 13 07:58:20 GMT 2005

On Nov 13, 2005, at 8:50, Andy Skelton wrote:

> This thread is creeping in the direction of the question, "what themes
> should be included with WordPress?" The question for this thread is
> "what plugins should be included with WordPress?" Just thought I'd
> throw that out there :-)

True - but I wasn't asking for more themes, I was asking for more  
functionality, and that was the purpose of the thread.

If that can be accommodated by having search engines get their own  
non-javascripted look-and-feel, I don't much care if that's done by  
including a plugin or by including a theme, or both.

I've been using the bloxpress plugin for a few days, and I like what  
I see. I don't want the direction I'm going crippled by somebody  
worried about SEO.


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