[wp-hackers] Object Cache API and Persistent Object Caching

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Tue Nov 8 22:23:30 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-11-07 at 21:18 -0500, David Chait wrote:
> Sounds neat -- I'll be interested to test it out once I'm finished porting 
> CHAITGEAR to 1.5.x (almost done!)... I have my own database 'layer' that 
> used to sit in front of the db object, and provided debug logging of all 
> queries, plus the ability to specify a cache-name for a given query and have 
> it cached to disk.  I did it the simple way, with an N hour 
> expiration/refresh of the cache -- obviously, that might be a bit wasteful, 
> but meant I don't worry about hooking all over (WP) creation! ;)
> Looking forward to checking it out.. I assume it's completely orthogonal to 
> staticize/wp-cache, right?

Yes.  wp-cache and friends cache entire pages rather than individual
objects.  Since a single post can show up in many different places due
to WP's dynamic nature, lots of pages need to be cached.  The object
cache takes the approach of caching just the objects to help speed up
dynamic page rendering.


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