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Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Fri May 27 12:33:04 GMT 2005

Sam Angove wrote:
> This is a request for feedback, I guess. 
> Multiple installs were too much bother, so I wrote this multi-blog plugin:
>     <http://rephrase.net/days/05/05/wordpress-multiplied>
> I couldn't find anything similar (just drop it in and go).

<petty> I object to my vhost plugin being called a hack! </petty>

> Anyhow, I was hoping someone could glance over it for gaping security
> holes I missed. It abuses the plugin system to give per-blog user
> levels, for example, which has some pretty obvious ramifications if I
> screwed it up.
> Feedback on UI issues, functionality, optimizations etc. is also welcome.

It looks like a neat solution.  WPMU, vhosts, and multiply all aim to
solve similiar, but slightly distinct, problems.  More solutions in this
space is a Good Thing(tm).

> As an aside, is there much chance of getting hooks/filters added to
> the core if they're not likely to get heavy use? There's some really

I'm not the authority on the matter, but plugin hooks are pretty cheap,
computationally: if nothing is registered against that hook it becomes
basically a no-op at execution.  Submit a diff to trac.wordpress.org
with an explanation of the value of the new hook, and you might get lucky!

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