[wp-hackers] Multiply

Sam Angove peasant at gmail.com
Fri May 27 11:12:16 GMT 2005

This is a request for feedback, I guess. 

Multiple installs were too much bother, so I wrote this multi-blog plugin:


I couldn't find anything similar (just drop it in and go).

It works, though comment notification links in emails are broken at
the moment, and getting pingback working requires two small edits to
wp-blog-header.php. Per-blog themes, plugins, users etc. work fine.

Anyhow, I was hoping someone could glance over it for gaping security
holes I missed. It abuses the plugin system to give per-blog user
levels, for example, which has some pretty obvious ramifications if I
screwed it up.

Feedback on UI issues, functionality, optimizations etc. is also welcome.

Thanks in advance. :)

As an aside, is there much chance of getting hooks/filters added to
the core if they're not likely to get heavy use? There's some really
dodgy code in here that uses cookies and referrers to get on-post edit
links to work *some* of the time, for instance, and it'd be much more
reliable if replaced with an edit_post_link filter or similar. Adding
more hooks was one of the things that came up the other day in the
list of suggestions for 1.6, but is it worth asking for stuff that
probably no-one else is going to need? (How often have any of you
wanted a delete_category hook? Thought so. ;)

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