[wp-hackers] 1.5.2 or on to 1.6?

Chetan Kunte ckunte at gmail.com
Sun May 22 02:34:48 GMT 2005

Mike's idea seems excellent. As a generic non-coder, I don't grasp
much of the discussion, but I do understand the need towards subtle,
yet distinctive usability features (especially some colors preferred
in the menu) would really do wonders for the less-techy inclined or
non-techy users that just want to use the software. You'll be
surprised to know how many generic users actually choose a software by
just looking at the screenshots. Stupid as it may seem, but a lot of
them do, and that includes me.

Dashboard could avoid news tiling (that takes much space) and instead
look like miniposts.

It would be nice if it is possible to add the "increase writing space
area" for textarea for writing posts, similar to those that we've seen
for comment boxes.

I still think a generic database backup system should be part of the
core, and not as a plugin. I think priority one here. I may be
paranoid about backups (who isn't), but it defeats the purpose of
writing a blog if we don't have an easier way to have a safecopy.

For the Admin menu, is it possible to include links to Codex for all
the options present, so that for those that do not know what a
particular field does, can look-up the awesome Codex.

I was also wondering if Pingbacks and trackbacks moderation could be
made part of the core, instead of the plugins that are available. The
idea is that the owner should be able to control everything,
no-involuntary receipts to the blog of any kind. I think in light of
spam, you'll agree with me.

The version number probably is best left to the lead-developers to
decide based on the extent of work done in the new revision.

Finally, a huge thank you to you all for making my software beautiful
on the inside. I love it.

On 5/22/05, Mike Little <journalized at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think 1.5.2 would be a good idea.  I think addressing the usability
> issues would be a good thing. To gain that market share WordPress
> needs to be really simple for the novice. It needs to gain a
> reputation for stability and security.

Chetan, ckunte.com

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