[wp-hackers] 1.5.2 or on to 1.6?

David House dmhouse at gmail.com
Sat May 21 20:26:12 GMT 2005

On 5/21/05, Matthew Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com> wrote:
> I wanted some community feedback on where we should go next with
> development. There are basically two directions we could go right now,
> one is to a 1.5.2 release which focuses on incremental changes and
> improvements to the very-solid 1.5 base, or we could start working on
> adding some major functionality changes for a 1.6 release. (I realize
> this could happen at the same time, I don't think we should branch
> development.)

I guess we should think about how stable 1.5.1 is before answering
this. If it feels like there are too many critical bugs (read:
crashes, major problems) so that further development would be haunted,
there's no point starting work on 1.6.

If you're looking for personal opinions, I think we should start work
on 1.6. Prioritise the front end overhaul (so work on the usability
enhancements pointed out by Gabriel White and others). Once we've done
that, we can start working on the back end ideas in the codex [1].

[1]: http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_1.6

-David House, dmhouse at gmail.com, http://xmouse.ithium.net

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