[wp-hackers] feed:http://address problem

Mihailo Stefanovic mikis at mikis.org
Thu May 19 17:47:27 GMT 2005

Owen Winkler wrote:

> Finally, I don't think anyone has bothered to reference these or 
> annotate them, so here they are:
> URI of "feed:" RFC -
> http://www.25hoursaday.com/draft-obasanjo-feed-URI-scheme-02.html
> ...
> Yes, it looks funny, but there is an actual reason for it.  If you don't 
> like the way the protocol specifier looks and you're not using SSL to 
> provide your feeds, you can change it to the pretty 
> "feed:example.com/feed/" and still comply with the spec.  Read the spec, 
> it's short.

Only thing is, above mentioned "RFC" does not allow feed:example.com/ , 
it proposes feed://example.com/ .

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