[wp-hackers] SSL (was feed:http://address problem)

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Thu May 19 02:45:17 GMT 2005

Ryan Duff wrote:
> I know a majority of the wordpress community (me included) are *nix 
> geeks, but seriously, have you ever seen somebody's blog served over 
> https:// ? (note: the link to your site http://mpt.net.nz/)
> I'd be glad to check them out, but as of the moment, have seen none.

You can visit
You'll be asked to trust my self-signed cert; and after that you'll 
still not enjoy a totally secured connection because of non-secure links 
in the document (my flickr photos, I think, are the culptit).  All the 
WordPress-generated links are absolute links to the _non_ secure site, 
since WordPress doesn't (yet) elegantly integrate SSL.

I've been involved in a little bit of discussion about making WordPress 
better support HTTPS:

And I suggest CACert.org for anyone who wants a cert but doesn't want to 
fiddle with the openssl command line.  =)

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