[wp-hackers] OpenID

Jon Abad jonabad at gmail.com
Thu May 19 01:14:10 GMT 2005

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to bring OpenID to the attention of the community.


 From their page:
This is a distributed identity system, but one that's actually 
distributed and doesn't entirely crumble if one company turns evil or 
goes out of business.

An OpenID-enabled site/blog lets you authenticate using your existing 
login from your homesite (whether that's on your own server or a hosted 
service) without giving away your password to the 3rd-party site you're 
visiting, or making a new account there, or giving away your email address.

And it's secure, and can run entirely in the browser without extensions, 
without moving between pages.


Their intentions seem good and they want to have WordPress support so 
long term, this might be something we want to be a part of.

If this isn't the way to mention such ideas, I apologize in advance.

Jon Abad

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