[wp-hackers] feed:http://address problem

Chris Lott chris.lott at gmail.com
Thu May 19 01:11:18 GMT 2005

I've now dealt with literally hundreds of users-- students and
faculty-- who are completely baffled by the feed: protocol. At least
with CSS and XHTML, there was a submitted spec-- even a draft-- before
it was adopted. I routinely strip the prefix now when we do setups
because it is so unreliable. Paste http://url.to.feed/ into ANY
Aggregator and it works. Do the same with feed: and it might. If you
are lucky.

I agree that feed: is a good solution to a real problem, but it seems
strange to jump so far ahead of the curve with a piece of software
designed to be useful to less techie end users...

Chris Lott

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