[wp-hackers] feed:http://address problem

Jon Abad jonabad at gmail.com
Wed May 18 19:34:02 GMT 2005

I just tested FeedDemon and it works fine with feed: links

Now, the mistake may be in trying to paste the string such as 
into the new feed dialog.
that will not work.


Matthew Mullenweg wrote:

> Stefano wrote:
>> RSS Ownl and FeedDemon doens't recongise it too, and if other plans in
>> the future means that's not a widespread standard, so adopting it now
>> willm ake just people get confusing, asking why the feeds for XYZ blog
>> doesn't works etc etc.
> I've never heard of RSS Ownl, FeedDemon supported feed: in 1.10:
> http://nick.typepad.com/blog/2004/06/feeddemon_and_t.html
> That was almost a year ago.

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