[wp-hackers] Pings

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Thu May 5 22:12:17 GMT 2005

Podz wrote:

> David House wrote:
>> Looking at the source, it appears things get pinged when 'Publish' is
>> pressed. So things are pinged when you click on the publish button,
>> even if that post is future dated.
> That seems wierd ... revealing what the author does not want to be 
> revealed until a certain time. I'm not bothered at all - it would be 
> nice to put a definitive answer into the forums though.
> P.

I think that there should be a pseudo-cron service built into WP.  
events could be loaded up with scheduled times.  As soon as the time for 
the post's display comes around, and the first person loads WP, the 
cron's scheduled time will be earlier than the current time, and the 
pings/trackbacks should be fired off.  This pseudo-cron could run with 
one SQL query... SELECT * FROM `wp_cron` WHERE `time` < '$now';

I agree that firing off trackbacks to a non-existent entry is bad.  In 
fact, it's behavior that will get you blacklisted in many places.

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