[wp-hackers] WP Plugin Option API

Mike Little journalized at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 20:39:33 GMT 2005

To be totally non-constructive, I have to say I'm quite amused by this

Automatic forms and forms processing based on functional groups of
options was what I originally coded for the options, when I took them
out of the configuration file. That code got ripped out some time last
year. Mostly, as far as I can gather because the groupings weren't
intuitive and the forms were ugly. Though
http://example.com/blog/wp-admin/options.php?group_option_id=all still

Sorry, that didn't help at all...

I think the general idea of having the core code handle the options
for a plugin is a good idea (no surprise there).
A plugin during installation could register a group of options, which
would be added to the database. There would have to be some kind of
naming conventions, such that no two plugins ended up with the same
group name (or option name for that matter). There would also have to
be some way to distinguish plugins installed but not currently active
so their options weren't presented to the user.

An idea (if this code is going in the core -- and I think it should)
is to have an optional file name associated with the group of options
so that the code could call the plugins own options page if enabled or
else handle it as described.

Anyway, there are some good ideas here, keep fleshing them out.

Mike Little

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