[wp-hackers] New Members - "May submit drafts for review" and delete them?

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Tue Mar 22 19:51:34 GMT 2005

Jeff Minard wrote:

> Of course not. Keep the original post, and create incremental diffs 
> along the edit path. Mark the diffs as approved or not.
> I'm not saying it should be super duper or anything, but it shouldn't 
> be anything along the lines of "quick fix" for a problem (which is 
> probably small) like this. If some kind of versioning system were to 
> be put in place, why go half way?
> I would believe that most people are running WP single user, and those 
> that are running multiuser are likely trusted -- the writer/editor 
> feature set is very powerful in a few cases, but not the majority. So 
> including a half-implemented versioning system for a minority feature 
> doesn't seem like a great idea. Not yet.

Jeff, consider that the reason why WordPress might not be used in an 
untrusted writer/editor situation is because the software isn't yet 
really viable for such situations!  Chicken and the egg.  I think it's 
safe to say that this isn't even going to be considered for 1.5.1, but I 
really think it would be valuable for 1.6.  It may not be a function 
that is used by a majority of current WordPress users... I doubt many 
people are using the "Allow users to submit drafts" option... but 
consider how many new users might be brought in if WordPress could 
handle more eloquently untrusted author situations!  I don't think that 
is outside the scope of the project at all.  And I agree... if it is a 
choice between a half-assed versioning system now or a completely-assed 
versioning system later... I'll wait.  I'd rather leave the current 
"1/10th assed" version alone, and go the other 9/10ths of the way in one 

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