[wp-hackers] New Members - "May submit drafts for review" and delete them?

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Thu Mar 17 01:19:06 GMT 2005

Ryan Boren wrote:

>I think users with draft-only permissions (level 1) should not be
>allowed to touch published posts in any way.
Ryan, you made the change in SVN so that they can't edit the posts, but 
the "Edit" link still persists in edit.php and the "Delete" link 
persists, and works, as Jeff noted.

Have you thought of some way that users could be allowed to submit a 
revision without modifying the original post?  I was thinking of having 
a new draft be created in the database with a "revision_of" value 
pointing back to the original post.  If the admin approves the revision, 
the contents of the revision overwrite the old post and the temporary 
revision draft is discarded.  This has the benefit of allowing the 
original post to stay live and as it was originally approved by the 
admin until a revision is approved.  Heck, if we wanted to get REALLY 
fancy, we could highlight in green added text, highlight in red deleted 
text... so the admin can easily see what was changed in the revision.

Yeah, I know.  But I can dream.

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