[wp-hackers] New Members - "May submit drafts for review" and delete them?

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Thu Mar 17 01:08:02 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 15:49 -0800, jeff at jrm.cc wrote:
> I'm going to be using this feature on a production site in the near 
> future and I've run into what might be an issue from our business logic 
> point of view.
> A user can submit a story. It's drafted - cool. Then a higher level user 
> will review it and approve it for the site (publish) it. This is all 
> well and good. In fact, the original author can come in and attempt to 
> edit the post, and it will simply be dumped back to "draft" mode.
> However, the user can also just delete the post at any time. Whether it 
> is published or drafted. I don't think our users would do this, but it 
> is a concern.
> Should this be addressed in the core, or should I be thinking up an 
> ingeneous plugin to modify this behavior?

Some relevant discussion here:


I think users with draft-only permissions (level 1) should not be
allowed to touch published posts in any way.


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