[wp-hackers] needs testing and feedback: small patch for nice permalinks on lighttpd

Michel Valdrighi michelv at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 19:51:15 GMT 2005

Le mardi 15 mars 2005 à 12:15 -0600, Ryan Boren a écrit :
> On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 18:59 +0100, Michel Valdrighi wrote:
> > Anyone brave enough to test this patch and the rewrite rule with an
> > install of WP on lighttpd?
> > I'm also curious about any wrong assumptions I may have with this
> > patch, and lighttpd's behaviour. It just seems too easy to not hide a
> > catch.
> I don't have lighttpd installed yet, but your approach sounds
> reasonable.  Also, we could try this:
> server.error-handler-404 = "/index.php?error=404"
> Textpattern takes a similar approach.
> http://weblog.textdrive.com/article/32/textdrive-loves-lighttpd

I'm not very keen of this method.
First thing is, I think it just hides too much magic, in general.
In the case where it's used in lighttpd.conf, it would just highjack the
whole server's 404 handling, which is not really what we want, is it? ;)

The only benefit that I see with handling 404 would be that it allows
archives of the form /2005/03/16, which I think could be done without in
the name of flexibility (but then again one could try rewriting
on /20(.+) and /19(.+), it would just be a very empirical method).

But in general, I like that some stuff shows to the user.
Off-topic: I've been thinking lately about using Apache's Alias
directive to do the handling of /archives/ and the like. The idea is
that the file that handles archives is a controller. You could likewise
add Alias directives for more paths to hand to the same controller, or
create other controllers entirely. This rewrite rule in lighttpd.conf is
not far from the idea of a controller, I think. (I might be wrong
though, since I don't have a programmer's background and may not grasp
the whole MVC concept.)


Michel Valdrighi

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