[wp-hackers] Comment spam dropoff?

Brian Dupuis wordpress at coldforged.org
Tue Mar 15 16:15:26 GMT 2005

Hey guys,

    This is kind of an OT query, but I figured the hackers list would be 
most attuned to any changes. I haven't received a single comment spam in 
7 days. It's not that my comments are broken -- I've received 92 valid 
comments in that same period -- and with my plugin I can choose to view 
comment spam whenever so they're not simply hiding in the database. I 
just haven't gotten any. This is down from an average of around 10 to 15 
a day. Anyone else notice a significant decrease or other change in 
modus operandi?

    It's not that I miss it, I'm just very curious whether this is a 
widespread phenomenon.


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