[wp-hackers] advanced-cache.php ?

jeff at jrm.cc jeff at jrm.cc
Mon Mar 7 22:27:52 GMT 2005

Owen Winkler wrote:
> jeff at jrm.cc wrote:
>> Robert Deaton wrote:
>>> Its an option for advanced caching, anyone could write a plugin to use
>>> it, 
>> Actually, no one can write anything for it. The file doesn't exist! 
>> That's what I'm trying to find out is "Where is it?"
> The plugin that uses this file *supplies* this file.  It *is* the plugin 
> file.  It's not really a plugin in a traditional sense.

That is thoroughly confusing.

So if you make a plugin that uses caching, then you should supply 
advanced-cache.php to users? What if multiple authors do this? That 
would get messy quickly.

If it's supposed to just be one general 'plugin', why isn't in in the 
default file structure, and why would it reside outside of the normal 
flow of plugins (ie, being specially defined in the wp-settings.php and 
not being in the plugins/ folder)

Finally, does this exist, and where can it be downloaded from? I can't 
find an example of this file anywhere.

[20 minutes later...]

After talking with carthik on IRC, I think things are clearing up. I 
started this looking for some caching functions I could use for plugins 
that I make. Simple function like get_cache() that checks against a last 
updated time limit, or checks against a modifed timestamp. I thought 
this was what this might be, but maybe not?

So then, then question truely is what is this file supposed to do?

Jeff Minard

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