[wp-hackers] Compose Screen

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Fri Jun 24 13:41:23 GMT 2005

I really don't like the movable widgets in the new post interface.  The
old screen wasn't perfect; but I think it was acceptable.

To put my money where my mouth is, I mocked up a static "Compose" screen:

At 1024x768 resolution, most of the important stuff fits above the fold.

Items to note:
* I've removed the sub-menu for "Write Post" and "Write Page".  This
screen is just "Compose".  From this screen you choose what the final
disposition will be.

* The post-slug field could use some javascript magic to automatically
fill in, based on the post title.  Obviosuly previous posts of the same
name will alter the post slug; so maybe AJAX here?  Or remove this
option altogether?  After all, options are bad.

* There's still some wiggle room for shuffling things around above the
post composition field.  I realize I forgot to put the comments/pings
checkboxes back in -- they probably should go after the date section.

* There is only a single SAVE button.  Next to that you choose what
you're saving.  Since Pages live in the posts table, and since lots of
people ask to be able to save drafts of Pages, I think this works well.:
everything is saved as a draft until you choose otherwise.
(This does not address the request for Pages to be categorized, despite
using a unified interface...)

I'm sure lots of people on this list will be happy to tear this proposal
apart, since it's only a modest step beyond the original post screen.
Please show me something substantially better.

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