[wp-hackers] Developing 1.6

Denis de Bernardy denis at semiologic.com
Thu Jun 23 17:00:16 GMT 2005

> To make this a bit more constructive: Which parts of WordPress *do* you
regard as "broken"?

Lots of things...

- The plugin system. It should apply to the_post, maybe even the_posts;
never to an out of context the_title.

- The database. Not always consistent, and could be optimized a bit.

- The template system. It is bulky, and makes integration of third party
components less natural than it could be.

- The user system. For reasons discussed here recently.

- The category system. Does social geography fit in geography or sociology?
Nevermind that they fit in both... Categories, posts and pages could be
merged into nodes.

- WP_Query. Could be plugin/module driven, as a consquence of the previous.

- Admin interface. Could be more plugin/module driven too, as a consequence
of the previous.

Then again, as much as I bump into its limits every day, WordPress remains
much less broken than other open source projects. And the admin area is a
lot more usable. Hat to the WP dev team. :)


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