[wp-hackers] Developing 1.6

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Thu Jun 23 14:04:01 GMT 2005

Stefano wrote:
>  It's impossible to make everyone satisfied.

> If the new admin looks incoporate the wysiwyg stuff and an easy
> managmente for upload images and files, with some interface
> reoganization it's a price to pay to have new funtions,
So long as every user knows exactly what is happening. Every version so 
far hasn't really changed the admin. This is major surgery.

> it would be more confusing, harder to support through the
> codex documentation every time there is an admin problme you will need
> to know what admin inteface is in use
As things look from where I'm standing, 1.6 should have it's own new 
Codex. 1.5 will be around for a long time yet and trying to have one 
codex for both may well be confusing anyway.

 > there will be plentu of time for
> codex people to set up new pages about it ready to be realesed when
> 1.6 will be launched.
There is never enough time.

> What happened when Dashboards recently went down, with tons of post
> about that is just due to the fact that most of the users are "idiot"
> users, they arrive, they want answer in seconds, they don't care to
> check if someone had asked same thing before, it's something you can't
> avoid.
Yes we can avoid it - we tell people FIRST.
I know about the people who post without searching - I've been answering 
such posts for well over a year now.

What I see is this:
"We are really pleased to announce the release of WP 1.6
This is the most efficiently coded and most secure version of WP so far."
The word "secure" will be played on in an effort to make people upgrade 
but there will be scant attention given to the impact those changes will 
Remember - it may just be code here but for many if you do this without 
due notice they will justifiably be angry. Sure there is an onus on them 
but WP must do it's bit - it didn't with the upgrade instructions in the 
1.5 file.

Fix what's broken already - and admin isn't broken.


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