[wp-hackers] Developing 1.6

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Thu Jun 23 12:17:04 GMT 2005

I come at this from only 2 angles:
- being a blogger
- helping in the support forums.

 From what I read, there are going to be significant changes in 1.6 
which while no doubt welcome to some, will move WP away from being a 
blogging tool and more toward a CMS. If you want a CMS, great. If you 
want to just blog, not so great.
1.2 was a blogging program and the nature of the forum posts reflected that.
1.5 is already a large step toward being a CMS and the forum posts have 
changed dramatically. There are more questions about images, about user 
levels, about podcasting, hiding categories and while there were the odd 
few with 1.2 there are now many many more.
What there is NOT is any difficulties with anything on the admin 
screens. Sure some people may want things a bit different, but there are 
no problems. Wysiwyg and the drag/drop stuff will change that.

When 1.6 comes out I'm sure there will be words like 'secure' mentioned 
to promote the masses to upgrade and I just know that someone will post 
very quickly indeed yelling that they want their admin screen back as it 
was. When the Dashboards recently went down it was bad enough in the 
forums with the multiple posts - a release coupled with these 
significant changes would be a nightmare to support.

Please make as much as possible optional. The 'options are bad' isn't a 
good response to this. Hey - make the entire /wp-admin section in two 

I actually support the promotion of 1.5 as the blogging program and 
marketing anything above as a different product. But I know that won't 


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