[wp-hackers] Let's whip WYSIWYG

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu Jun 16 18:05:08 GMT 2005

That's a good thought.  FYI, I have a Drafts view and a Private view within 
my admin 'control panel' in the sidebar.  So I can actually preview posts 
within my site's 'framework' in either status mode.  Good when I'm writing 
10 page reviews, which a wysiwig editor still isn't going to preview for me 
properly. ;)

Also, someone mentioned that filters can change the text.  Yes, remember 
that.  Remember all the cool plugins that modify the content -- lord knows I 
have a few!  And in many cases, I have my plugins only set up hooks when not 
under the admin pages -- not sure if others do that as well, but if the 
editor is going to start previewing the_content, I'd want to adjust my 
plugins accordingly. :)


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> On Jun 16, 2005, at 2:19 AM, Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
>> Maybe later when our WYSIWYG is combined with touched will have the  real 
>> ultimate interface. ;)
> Or, since we are considering "editing in place" ideas. Why not also 
> consider the option of simply creating a blank post in "private"  status*, 
> and then allowing for some kind of WYSIWYG editing on-the- fly of that 
> page itself.
> Something akin to < http://tool-man.org/examples/edit-in-place.html > 
> would be interesting and then slap on some AJAX for saving the post  as 
> you go...
>  * For those who don't know, Private posts show up on your blog just  as 
> if they are "Publish" posts, but only for you. Probably the best 
> "previewing" option there is.
> Jeff
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