[wp-hackers] Media RSS

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Thu Jun 2 08:48:54 GMT 2005

Clint Sharp wrote:
> 3) In terms of the other metadata Media RSS supports, is anyone 
> interested in added fields to the post page (i.e., poster graphic for a 
> video) to accomplish this, or should it all be done through custom 
> fields (not very user friendly, but low-impact)?

Most of that is above me, but this I can handle. You could make a plugin 
that adds certain meta fields by default to the post screen. I the 
relevant hook would be... "edit_form_advanced" and "simple_edit_form" in 
which you could hook and then output custom input elements for 
predetermined media types.

You'll also need to then hook the publish_post, edit_post, save_post, 
and a few other hooks to catch that data and actually update/insert it.

There are, however, tons of examples of this kinda of behavior - just 
browse some other plugins.


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