[wp-hackers] Media RSS

Clint Sharp clint at typhoon.org
Thu Jun 2 06:23:07 GMT 2005

I'm new to this list, so my apologies if this has been discussed 
previously, but nothing turned up in my searches.

I need Media RSS support for my Wordpress blog.  I was planning on 
coding it myself since I didn't see anyone who seemed to be working on 
it, but I decided to check here because there's a couple of questions I had:

1) Is anyone working on this now?  Last thing I can find is Matt talking 
about it on his blog back in December.  I'd be happy to contribute or 
just wait to avoid duplication of efforts.
2) This can't be developed as a plugin.  The hooks aren't there.  This 
leads me to ask, if I was go about coding this, would anyone be 
interested in me writing the code to add the necessary hooks and then 
writing Media RSS as a plugin to that?  Or would people prefer I wrote a 
patch that does Media RSS?  Would anyone accept the patch into 
mainstream if I wrote it?
3) In terms of the other metadata Media RSS supports, is anyone 
interested in added fields to the post page (i.e., poster graphic for a 
video) to accomplish this, or should it all be done through custom 
fields (not very user friendly, but low-impact)?
4) I have another requirement which most decidedly probably should be 
written as a plugin, but it brings up a more interesting overarching 
point that I"m going to bring up to the Media RSS group as well.  My 
postings come in through XMLRPC from an external video provider.  They 
do the transcoding for me, so thusly I have 6 media files per blog post 
(thus the need for Media RSS support).  However, this is all hidden 
behind a javascript which allows the user to determine which embedded 
player to use.  Other than throwing some kind of links hidden by CSS or 
something in there or posting some XML into the page that I can then 
fold into the Media RSS somehow, I can't think of another way to 
accomplish this other than extending the XMLRPC API.  I've not done this 
before or even investigated it.  What's the precedent for this?  Would I 
be able to get any support in the community for this, for scenarios such 
as this when we're posting media blog posts from an external provider 

OK, I think that's enough questions for now. :)


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