[wp-hackers] Automatic Saving?

Ryan Boswell adon at ambit-online.net
Sat Dec 31 20:43:44 GMT 2005

I'm not well versed enough in AJAX to be able to do a working mockup  
but to ease your question of how to deal with the wasted IDs is that  
once a post has been saved once you treat it as a draft that you are  
editing. This would be a challenge but it's obviously possible.

But maybe were going about it the wrong way, why try to save to the  
database? Why not implement something similar to what Blogger does,  
they just stick a cookies in your browser with all the post  
information, that way would be easier. Then all you'd have to do is  
write a small bit to create the cookie, stick it in the browser every  
so often (possibly a configurable time in the control panel) and then  
if something does happen (browser crashes, etc..) when the user goes  
back into the posting interface WordPress would auto-import the post  
information from the cookies, then when the post is saved to the  
database the cookies are deleted. Doesn't seem too terribly hard to  
do it that way, much easier in fact than worrying about the first idea.


On Dec 31, 2005, at 12:32 PM, Andy Skelton wrote:

> The client-side mechanics of an auto-save feature are easy to envision
> and a minor project to implement. Where you begin to run into big
> trouble is in messing with the database. Where are you going to safe
> the drafts? wp_posts? What about the wasted autoincremented ID's? You
> know that'll be a sore spot. How are you going to display and manage
> them?
> It's fine to hypothesize about the necessary changes to the edit forms
> but please realize that therein lies only one tenth of the problem.
> Is anyone so far involved in this discussion willing to do a  
> working mockup?
> Andy
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