[wp-hackers] Christmas

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 20:31:41 GMT 2005

Personally, I think that we should wait on releasing it for another
week or two at least. Even today we've had 14 new bugs for 2.0, and 2
commits. At this rate, there will be patches going in last minute,
with no chance to test for regressions. If we follow the
Wednesday/Thursday release idea, there are patches that are going into
the core just hours before we release. Is the  10 or so people who
obsessively watch the svn list and svn up to test these things out
enough to tell if everything is stable? I think not. Please, give all
the testers more time to test for regressions, let's clear out the
bugs that are popping up at alarming rates, and make sure this isn't
another 1.5 where people are pissed off at the amount of broken stuff.

--Robert Deaton

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