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David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Wed Dec 21 17:58:55 GMT 2005

If enough of the 'support crew' is going to be unavailable for a good 24+h (if not more!) of the initial days of 2.0 launch, and we can assume a decent portion of the WP audience is either addicted techies or non-Christmas-celerbrating folks (both of which WILL be online on Christmas!), we seem to be asking for problems.

It would IMHO be worth maybe doing a final-final-candidate release instead of 2.0, let bug reports and fixes come in as normal, and then try to get the final release out mid next week.

Again, IMHO.

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  I personally feel like it's okay to launch before Christmas.  I will try to be around to offer support in the forum, Podz.  I won't be around on Christmas Eve or Day though.  I will be spending time with my family.  Choosing tech over family is what got me separated from my wife and I'm not going to make that mistake again on Christmas. 

  On 12/21/05, Podz <podz at tamba2.org.uk> wrote:
    Matt Mullenweg wrote:
    > Podz wrote:
    >> I know that there has been an announcement, but if 2.0 does come out
    >> tomorrow / Thursday, then just who is going to be around for all the
    >> problems ? You can guarantee it will be a lot less than normal. 
    >> I can see that pushing it out the door means no more coding over the
    >> holidays, but it means more problems and more work for everyone else.
    >> This is surely the ideal time to freeze - and I do mean freeze - the 
    >> code.
    > By the same argument, you can say that the post-release support spike
    > isn't going to be as big as normal.

    Right now we are averaging 23 new topics and 120+ answers a day. 
    WordPress has a good support reputation - a new release at a time of
    reduced support would not put this release in a good light would it ?
    And would it really hurt to delay it ? Really ? For the sake of a few days ? 

    Matt - if you don't release it, you will get frustrated but everyone
    else will understand. If you do release it, you'll be happy because of
    what you said about today / tomorrow  but there will be frustration 
    among many.

    Your choice though anyway.
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