[wp-hackers] Any chance of the "Kubrick vs hReview" patch being accepted prior to WP 2.0 release?

Aaron Brazell aaron at technosailor.com
Tue Dec 20 01:16:28 GMT 2005

Why not create a patch for the template file itself to use a different class
than "description" and submit it instead with an explanation of why the
patch is important?  It seems like a valid point, not so much for the core
of WP, but for a fairly mild accommodation of the microformat?  The only
real impact I would see is for users who have tweaked Kubrick with
additional CSS/markup and don't want to have that stylesheet overwritten
with a new style and template.  But they would run that risk anyway if they
don't change the theme name/folder as a new release would overwrite existing

> Phillip Pearson wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm not sure what the proper protocol for this is, but there's a patch
> > I'd like to enourage someone to look at.  It modifies the stylesheet for
> > the default WP template so that it doesn't conflict with the hReview
> > microformat:
> >
> >    http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1436
> >
> > Short summary of why this is worthwhile: hReview requires that you mark
> > up the description area with the 'description' class.  Kubrick uses
> > 'description' to style the blog subtitle.  This results in review
> > contents in a Kubrick-using WP blog appearing in white text on a white
> > background.
> >
> > I hacked around this for the SB plugin by inserting some Javascript in
> > the footer that would strip the 'description' class off anything not
> > inside the header.  This patch would let hReview work if you don't have
> > the SB plugin installed.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Phil
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Aaron Brazell
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