[wp-hackers] Memcached backend for the Object Cache

Phillip Pearson pp at myelin.co.nz
Mon Dec 19 22:26:06 GMT 2005

David Chait wrote:

>The problem is getting >shared< hosts to learn and adopt technical 
>approaches that would reduce the load across their server farms. :) 
>Reducing disk load (well, and cpu) is a good piece... especially as it 
>reduces SQL hits as well.  Can we get DreamHost to try it? ;)
One problem - memcached has no security.  So if you give a bunch of 
users access to a single memcached instance, anyone will be able to 
overwrite anyone else's data.  Unless someone makes memcached 
multi-user-aware, it probably won't be useful to shared hosts running 
lots of WP installs.  (Still great for wordpress.com, WPMU etc, though.)


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