[wp-hackers] Version RPC

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Thu Aug 11 20:36:58 GMT 2005

Scott Merrill wrote:

>As it stands, this is a zero-cost way to propogate the current WordPress
>version without generating a new request from the client.
>Propogating other sorts of data may or may not have value, and they can
>be explored later.  Do you have a specific example?

Pardon my inability to grasp your side of the argument, but this 
discussion seems a bit surreal.

Putting the version in a nice text response to a GET request instead of 
shoehorning it into a random RSS feed makes sense for the same reason 
that, in markup, you'd put an id on an element and select '#id' rather 
than select '* > html body > td+td p[lang|=fr] span:first-child'. Sure, 
the latter is elegant and leet, but is brittle and unnecessary.

WP won't be the only script that'd want to access an automated note of 
the latest version, and I'm not sure why these other services that want 
the info would do regex on an rss feed or scrape svn rather than just do 
$version = file_get_contents('http://..').

Now, if it was a serious bandwith concern, then I could empathize with 
the 'throw it into the rss feed' side of the issue. Is it?


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