[wp-hackers] 1.5.2

Alex King lists at alexking.org
Wed Aug 10 04:58:47 GMT 2005

Changes I'd like to see make it into 1.5.2:

1. a hook that fires on change of comment status with the post ID  
available. When a comment is deleted, the post ID wasn't available  
via the hooks because the hook fired after the comment was already  
gone from the db. This was at least the case when I looked closely  
after the 1.5 release. Comment spam makes results somewhat inaccurate  
in my Popularity Contest plugin because of this (though there is a  
nice little recount button as a current work-around).

2. "Fix" the comments RSS feed to show the post title in the item  
title in the feed. Also, order the comments chronologically on the  
per post/page feed and don't set a limit. Ticket #1570 in trac http:// 



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