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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Tue Aug 9 08:16:08 GMT 2005

I know WP-Cache2 is a server-side cacheing, but it indeed creates more 
than 1 copy of a page in the cache. frankly I haven't investigated this 
deeply due to lack of time, but 1 thing I can tell you is that if you 
are logged in to WP, then it'll create a cache-file for you & 1 for 
someone who's not logged in, so that you see the "edit post" links along 
with the post titles(if your theme has them). though this dual 
cache-file creation is OK & not a problem, but I just mentioned it to 
tell you that it indeed creates more than 1 copy of the cache-file!! ;)

I think that more can be found out by doing some basic testing, I'll do 
it if I get some free time any soon. Please don't take this part of my 
suggestion(multiple cache-file creation by WP-Cache2) entirely seriously 
as I don't have any facts to back it up as I admit I haven't tested it 
up, what I wrote is what some people who've tested told me. whether they 
are right or wrong, I'm not 100% sure.

but the WP-Cache2 issue put aside, I think even Matt & Ryan would agree 
that a lot can be done to tighten up the WP Code & its speed can be 
increased significantly!!

Amit Gupta
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  On 8/9/05, Amit Gupta <wp at igeek.info> wrote:
  > I've one suggestion for the next release, it needs not be the 
immediate next
  > release.
  > How about reducing & optimising the code for faster execution? 
  > still lacks a lot behind TextPattern & LightPress(though its only a
  > front-end for WordPress) when it comes to speed. Recently I've heard 
a lot
  > of people complaining about speed and a cacheing solution like 
  > though effective, is not much of an improvement as its sort of 
cookie based,
  > so if a client visits the blog & the home page gets cached, that 
same cached
  > copy will be served to him on his next visit & not to someone else 
  > from somewhere else. So its sort of a waste, more so if you consider 
  > hit/miss ratio.

  What gave you that idea? Wp-Cache 2 -
  http://mnm.uib.es/gallir/wp-cache-2/ is a server side caching solution
  and has nothing to do with the client, the plugin checks to see if
  there is a static file for the requested page on the server and if not
  creates one, then it has checks to check things like when a new post
  is made so the cache gets flushed on the server automatically.

  Jason Bainbridge
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