[wp-hackers] suggestions for the next (not immediate)release

Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Tue Aug 9 07:49:44 GMT 2005

I've one suggestion for the next release, it needs not be the immediate 
next release.
How about reducing & optimising the code for faster execution? WordPress 
still lacks a lot behind TextPattern & LightPress(though its only a 
front-end for WordPress) when it comes to speed. Recently I've heard a 
lot of people complaining about speed and a cacheing solution like 
WP-Cache2, though effective, is not much of an improvement as its sort 
of cookie based, so if a client visits the blog & the home page gets 
cached, that same cached copy will be served to him on his next visit & 
not to someone else visiting from somewhere else. So its sort of a 
waste, more so if you consider the hit/miss ratio. So while these people 
are quite impressed by WP on the whole, its the speed that worries them 
after they've tried out LightPress & TextPattern.

I think that the WP code is to be tightened up a bit for more speed and 
if WP can incorporate a cache system tailored 100% for it & built into 
it, then it would be quite cool and improve the speed a lot. so instead 
of putting in a truck load of new features, one release in recent future 
can be done with the main focus on increasing speed & keeping new 
features to a minimum or none.

just my suggestion

thoughts? comments?

Amit Gupta
http://igeek.info/  ||  http://blog.igeek.info/
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