[wp-hackers] Hello Dolly's future

Gustavo Barron cicloid at idealabs.tk
Mon Aug 8 21:07:54 GMT 2005

Jalenack wrote:

> The new 1.6 design makes the default Hello Dolly plugin styling very
> off (overlapping with the sign out and profile links). Perhaps this is
> a good time to discuss whether Hello Dolly should continue or be
> replaced by a more....useful plugin.
> I don't know if Matt is partial to it, but it just seems useless. As a
> plugin example for newbie plugin writers, it may be alright (due to
> its simplicity). But perhaps it could be replaced with something like
> the Docs Search (formerly Codex Search) plugin or the WP Up-to-date
> plugin. They are considerably more complex than Hello Dolly, but
> they're very useful. The styling would need to be tweaked so they
> don't conflict with the new stuff in the top-right (perhaps they could
> be bumped right below that).
> My vote is for the Docs Search plugin, because it gives users tons of
> WP information at their fingertips, and could reduce a lot of
> repetitive forum posts. Also because it's my plugin (and Owen's!)..heh
> Thoughts?

My best plugin is based on hello dolly :P (It puts Such Great Height
Lyrics, and checks if is the normal layout or WP-Admin Tiger, wich i use :P)

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