[wp-hackers] Personal options

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Mon Aug 8 01:27:08 GMT 2005

Matthew Mullenweg wrote:

> Scott Merrill wrote:
>> Since we have an option for rich editing, I'd like to suggest we 
>> extend that to a control for both WYSIWYG _and_ draggable widgets in 
>> the post composition screen.
> Just to clarify, you're suggesting that when rich_editing is true it 
> is as the default now and when it's false it disables TinyMCE and the 
> customizable advanced interface? I haven't heard that much pushback 
> against the latter (granted there will be people who disagree with 
> *any* change), has it bugged anyone else on the list enough that it 
> should be a built-in option?
They seem to have a 5px pull-limit to activate dragging (wild guess 
mainly), increasing it to 10px or so would be better. Also, eliminating 
the + and expanding/collapsing on click would reduce the accidental-drag 

The + is also a verrry small area to aim and click at, just in general. 
What's the point?


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