[wp-hackers] Yahoo! Terms, beta testers needed

Denis de Bernardy denis at semiologic.com
Fri Apr 29 16:39:13 GMT 2005

I've three projects that could use some beta testing:

Extracts yahoo terms from a post, returns an array for use in other plugins

Extracts yahoo terms from a post, returns search queries on your site to
find related posts

Extracts yahoo terms from a post, returns technorati tags for your post
(like Jonas' Yahoo2tags, but more relevant)

The first plugin is a prerequisit for the two others and can be used for a
variety of other purposes.

You'll notice I haven't put the download links yet on the plugin pages. I'm
not sure the extract terms plugin handles non-utf8 charsets properly. Thus,
I'd be very interested if a cyrillic language user tested this if any
happens to be reading this list.

Any other kind of beta tester is of course welcome to play with the plugins
as well.

Denis de Bernardy

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