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denis at semiologic.com denis at semiologic.com
Fri Apr 22 11:57:56 GMT 2005

Quoting Andy Skelton <skeltoac at hotmail.com>:

> it involves authoring not just a theme but a complete UI to manage the
> modules, plus massive documentation for the gamut of users, it's no wonder
> we don't have it yet.

I think this idea would be somewhat overkill. I would say something much more
simple is enough, based on the positive feedback I get for my theme, e.g.:

> "I´m using your template... It´s by far... what i was looking for in the
wordpress system. Glad you made it, and also glad I found it at last."

I'm currently repackaging the theme as a set of tiles with built-in caching. In
their next version, they should be able to spit XML upon request, and eat an
XSLT file as an argument. And the theme should feature a few more tiles to put
in the sidebar.

I've a few other points regarding wordpress here:


My $.02


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