[wordpress] Re: [wp-hackers] Making it better

Andy Skelton skeltoac at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 22 01:55:10 GMT 2005

Allow me to restate:

In the absence of bloat, depth of customizability is lost in direct 
proportion to gains in ease of customizability.

Elliott wrote:
>This reminds me of the comment I left before about using modular themes.  
>If themes are the composition and layout of various modules, then it would 
>be fairly easy to write a javascript layout manager that would let you drag 
>modules from a palette into a template...

When you put it that way, it sounds like we should have a dozen of them by 
now. The trouble with modular themes is that everyone wants them, everyone 
knows they can be done, but nobody has stepped forward with one. Seeing that 
it involves authoring not just a theme but a complete UI to manage the 
modules, plus massive documentation for the gamut of users, it's no wonder 
we don't have it yet.

But I trust we will at some point.

Andy Skelton

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